Our wine


Cuvée I selection
Alk 14% g/l 4,5
Cabernet souvignon 75% Merlot 25%
It is matured in wooden barrels of Serbian oaks for 12-15 months.
Ruby red colour
A layered fragrance which is strong and very fruity. The taste is very complex with soft tannin, pleasant acidity and utter fruity.
Merlot barrique
Alk 14% g/l 4,6
It is matured in wooden barrels of Serbian oaks for 15 months
Ruby red colour
A complex flavour of dried plums, tobacco and wild berries, full taste with plentiful tannin, mild acid and medium length finish.
Crna Tamjanika
Alk 15% g/l 6,0

Red colour
It fragrant of rahatluk with roses, basil and incense. The not commonplace flavour makes the wine incomparable and unforgettable

Pinot Noir
Alk 15% g/l 5,1
It is matured in wooden barrels of Serbian oaks for 12 months.
Ruby red colour with violet shades
A fruity odour of cherries, sour cherries, strawberries, almond, vanilla and cinnamon, very fruity taste of cherries, sour cherries, blueberries and wild berries with a moderate acidity and an elegant finish


Alk 13% g/l 5,7
Gold-yellow colour
The fragrance is very fresh and smooth, the aroma of pear and pineapple exceeds the flowery odour.
A dry wine with a harmonious flavour, which tastes because of the refreshing acid and the long finish.
Sauvignon Blanc
Alk 13% g/l 6,3
Light yellow colour
The odour includes tropical fruits, elder and green pepper. Dry wine with racy acidity and a light body.
Alk 14% g/l 5,0
Yellow colour
A sweet and flowery fragrance of elder, acacia and lychee. Dry wine with a full body and mild aci.
Alk 14% g/l 6,0
Light pink colour
Fresh odour of raspberry and strawberry juice. The fruity flavour is moderate full and smooth.